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  • Dec 01, 2015
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Nicor sucks I want to stop service but they can't get anyone over there to read a meter for another week so I'm not living there but I have to pay the gas there for someone else. Find it hard to believe that nobody can swing by and get a meter reading for a whole 10 seconds. Bunch a freekin idiots. High pay and less work huh. I see how it I. Add comment

I was sold the sewer repair plan, for a monthly fee $9.95. finally when my sewer was blocked, it took them 24 hours to send someone and I was charged $250, since their fine print says that sewer was only covered up to 100 feet. normally in my area you can get this service done for about $150 in a few hours and no monthly fees. They blamed me for not reading the fine print. They were extremely... Read more

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Nicor Gas has absolutely NO understanding the the phrase Customer Service. I am a customer that pays their bill on time every month, which i'm sure they have plenty who don't. I know I used to be one. So boy was I shocked this morning when I realized that our gas service had been disconnected. I called customer service and they seemed just as surprised as us. Then after 5 minutes on hold they... Read more

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I was told NiCor would be at my home between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Which is acceptable, gas is extremely important to provide necessary living functions. So 4:45 p.m. comes around and I become concerned. When I call to see what's going on, I was told he came at 10 a.m., they claimed he knocked at my door several times. FALSE. I was eagerly waiting to hear someone show up. I took off a day work for... Read more

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We moved out of our old apartment at the beginning of March, and into our new place. We took the rest of the month to clean up and make sure the apartment was clean so that could get our deposit back. I waited to turn off our utilities since I still had keys to the apartment, figuring since we weren't there they couldn't be that high. Wrong. I got my bill from Nicor, it was the highest it had... Read more

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Nicor came to work at my house today and I had to leave for a doctor's appt. They told me to call the number on the blue tag to have someone come and reconnect my gas and they would be here within one hour. I waited for 2 hours and 15 minutes and called them to ask what was going on. The emergency operator stated that someone had come to my house and called me three times, but no one... Read more

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Nicor gas has a collection agency calling my 86 year old mother 4 times a day, every day, but wont tell me what the calls are for. She doesnt owe them anything and they confirm that she owes nothing. They have sent her on a wild goose chase but wont stop the calls. Since she has always paid her bills on time this is making her physically ill. A terrible company to deal with. Even though I have... Read more

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I just wanted to comment on the efficiency of Nicor's "Credit Assistance" service. I received a notice of pending disconnection on Monday, called the credit assistance line the same day and just today received a call back from a "supervisor" named Amanda. I have not had work in weeks - no doubt a common complaint among Nicor's customers in the current economic times - but told both associates I... Read more

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I feel so *** admitting to this problem. I believe I have been bilked by Nicor. My husband enrolled in a lock plan a few years ago. I knew they had bad press and felt we over paid. When I received a letter that we have been adjusted down in billing do to our energy conservation I re-enrolled. We had paid $175 monthly but our new lock was $134. The first bill was $334. I called and they said that... Read more

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I am pissed of at Nicor as they have moved most of the meters in Berwyn & Cicero out side but have failed to remove all the old piping from my house that went to the old meter. Should they not remove it if they are not using it or can they being Nicor just leave it there to rust and maybe leak something out of it? Ask them about removing and was told they do not but check out there own rules and... Read more

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